Mines de Verre

  • M. Hibon (38)
  • M. Hibon (20)
  • M. Hibon (15)
  • M. Hibon (6)
  • M. Hibon (1)

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Mines de Verre 
Verre et polystyrène
Dimensions variables

Crédit Photo: Marie Hibon.


Des boules formées d’éclats de verre assemblés envahissent le sol. Ces obstacles coupants créent un terrain hostile dont le spectateur doit tenir compte dans ses déplacements.

Imagine these mines, hundreds of them, spread on the floor creating a hostile field where the visitor finds himself confronted by danger represented by these obstacles made of glass. The visitor becomes aware of the threat and his body is compelled to avoid them. A connection is established between physical space and mental space on a psychological journey towards experience.

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